Sherri Ormes, Owner 

Flowers have been in Sherri’s life for as long as she can remember. Following in her father’s footsteps, she’s in the business of making people happy regardless of the occasion. With her straightforward, no-nonsense approach to flowers, Sherri’s helped make the people of Norman happy for years now. When asked what she likes most about flowers, her reply was short and sweet: “Flowers say it all.”


Susie, Designer and Wonder Woman:

Sherri’s best friend and a staple in the Earl’s family, Susie’s been designing flower arrangements, answering phones and doing anything and everything to make the flower shop a success for many years. Described as bubbly and warm by those who know her best, Susie works in the shop free of charge.



Benjamin, Designer 

Benjamin brings 25+ years of floral design expertise to Earl’s. He’s officially worked at the shop for a little over a year, but has been part of the Earl’s family for years. Benjamin enjoys the artistic outlet floral design presents and seeing the joy on customer’s faces, particularly for weddings. When asked why he loves working at Earl’s, he replied: “It’s fun. It’s like family.”


Irene, Designer

Described as a perfectionist by the Earl’s family, Irene brings over 20 years of floral design experience to the shop. Her bow-tying skills are unmatched, and who doesn’t love a good bow?



Paula, Flower Processor

Earl’s Flower Processor for over 30 years, Paula makes sure the flowers going in your arrangements are bright and fresh.



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